About Jake

Jake Bailey

Assistant Professor

Department of  Earth Sciences

University of Minnesota

310 Pillsbury Dr. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455-0231

Email: baileyj@umn.edu

   Image: Phosphatized stromatolites from the ~2.0 billion year-old Jhamarkotra Formation of India. 


Research Interests

• Geomicrobiology, especially of lithotrophs

• Microbial paleobiology

• Microbial ecology and ecophysiology

• Omics approaches in geobiology



• B.S. Geology, cum laude, University of Arizona, 2003

Honors Thesis: Fossil Preservation Following the K/T Acid Rain Event

Honors Thesis Advisors: Dr. Andrew S. Cohen and Dr. David A. Kring


• Ph.D. , Geology and Geobiology, University of Southern California, 2008

Ph.D. Advisor: Dr. Frank A. Corsetti


Professional Training Courses

 2012: NSF UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Workshop, San Diego, CA, 2012

• Joint EU-US Theoretical and Practical Training Course in Marine Bioinformatics, Bremen, Germany, 2012

•  MBL Microbial Diversity Summer Course, Woods Hole, 2007

Agouron International Geobiology Summer Course, Wrigley Institute 2004


Professional Experience and Employment

• 2010-present: Assistant Professor of Geobiology, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

• 2008-2009: Agouron Geobiology Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology

• 2005-2008: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, University of Southern California


Awards, Fellowships, and Honors

• Simons Foundation Early Career Investigator in Marine Microbial Ecology and Evolution, 2015

• Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship, 2014

• UMN Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Outstanding Advisor Award, 2013

• McKnight Land Grant Professorship, 2013-2014

• NSF CAREER Grant, 2011-2016

• Agouron Institute Geobiology Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2008

• National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2005-2008